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Arthritis Simulation Gloves

The Arthritis Simulation Gloves, developed by researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), were designed to simulate the reduction in functional capabilities experienced by individuals with moderate to severe arthritis. Specifically, the gloves simulate common symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), including stiffness and reductions in grip strength, dexterity, range of motion, and tactile sensation.

With the Arthritis Simulation Gloves, it is possible to experience the frustrations associated with using consumer products from the perspective of an individual with arthritis of the hands. The wearer of the gloves will gain a better understanding of how arthritis affects an individual's ability to grasp, pinch, turn, lift, and twist objects. The gloves can be used with a variety of consumer products including medicine bottles, beverage containers, office supplies, diabetes testing devices, and many other consumer products.

A pair of Arthritis Simulation Gloves, which are heavy
neoprene gloves with slick fabric on the palms and fingers and stiffening wires along the backs of the
fingers.  A storage bag for the gloves is also depicted.

Below are some ways in which the Arthritis Simulation Gloves can be used:

  • To raise awareness about issues faced by people with disabilities
  • To support programs focused on ease of use in design
  • To assist in the early identification of ease of use issues during the design process

The gloves are available in a single, "one size fits most" size that accommodates most people, from small females to average males.

Download a fact sheet for the Arthritis Simulation Gloves

Ordering Information

If you would like to place an order for the Arthritis Simulation Gloves please contact Dr. Brad Fain ( for ordering instructions.